Saturday, September 27, 2008

సుమతీ శతకం poem1

Hi everybody,

I feel like posting some sweet telugu poems in Madhuravaani. I still remember my school days, We all used to read telugu poems loudly in our 3rd or 4th class. Mostly, they are either from VEMANA shathakam or SUMATHI shathakam. People say that, these are one of the most valuale telugu literature. They teach us the values and principles of life. These are the best lessons one should learn to lead a happy and successful life. I feel proud to have such beautiful poems in our sweet telugu language. It's really great that they were written in such a simple telugu.
Anyways, Here I am posting the poems along with telugu and english transaltion.

So,People... start enjoying the sweetness of Sumathi shathakam from Madhura vaani.
And share your views about these poems.
I am starting with the first poem and will be posting one by one.

శ్రీరాముని దయచేతను
నారూఢిగ సకలజనులు నౌరాఁయనగా
ధారాళమైన నీతులు
నోరూరఁగఁ జవులుపుట్ట నుడివెద సుమతీ!

తాత్పర్యం: మంచిబుద్ధి గలవాడా! శ్రీరాముని దయవల్ల నిశ్చయముగా అందరు జనులనూ శెభాషని అనునట్లుగా నోటి నుంచి నీళ్లూరునట్లు రసములు పుట్టగా న్యాయమును బోధించు నీతులను చెప్పెదను.

With the grace of Rama
Certainly to gain acceptance by one and all
Unimpeded flow of morals
I'll narrate, with mouth-watering taste, O! wise one

మధుర వాణి

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S said...

That was a good translation!

అయితే, తరువాత తెలుగులోకి వచ్చేశారు అనమాట :)