Saturday, September 27, 2008

If you want happiness

Hi friends...

If you want to be happyy...???

Everyone of us want to be happy. But, at any given point of time, if we start thinking about our life, we always have a list of things that have to be fulfilled. Somehow we feel incomplete and we feel like if I get a promotion in job, if I get little more salary, if I get little more beautiful :) or if I get little more rich...then my life would be perfect and happy. But, the reality is that situation will never come because our wish list is keep on changing. When we look at other people with all our requirements, we think that they must be very happy in their life which is not true. Actually, happiness is nothing to do with all these parameters.

The thing is even if you have lot of money, status etc. you may not be happy. Because happiness lies in one's thinking and attitude. The person who is happy and content with his life is the richest person than a millionaire. I saw some poor people who don't have any secure life and living roadside, but they are happy and they can laugh from the bottom of their heart. I saw some of my friends who are happy even when they are in a deep sink of problems. Why I am telling these examples because, sometimes I really feel very insecure about life and start thinking like How I'll manage to get a new job, how I can be successful in my job or what will be my future...what not?? for each and every silly thing I start worrying.. I think this happens to all of us at times..BUT the only reason for this is our mindset. We just have to keep on believing in our self and a little hope.
I remember a small quote on hope from my school days.
I don't know who told this, but I feel that's the truth of life. One can't live even for a second if there is no hope. So, Let's hope for the best always..!!
One more thing I want to discuss..that is how many of us love or even like our jobs? Mostly a bigg NO comes as an answer... In a day of 24h, one third time goes for sleep, one third time goes to OUR JOB. And I strongly believe that during the remaining one third time also, our mood depends on the time we spent at work. So, WORK is the major part of life and also which decides your happiness. So, love what you are doing. If you can't, then follow your heart and do what you love. This is the best way to be happy.
Lastly, I remember one more quote, my friend always used to tell me this.
It is as simple as that. During weekdays, we always feel like having a holiday. But, if we get more holidays then we feel boring. So, we can really enjoy the leisure if we work hard for some time. The only we'll get to know the sweetness of the leisure time.

So...Let's love our work, enjoy our work, work busy...enjoy the leisure and STAY HAPPY...!!

Madhura vaani

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Anonymous said...

Its really truth there is no end for our wich list, and there is no ultimate thing that which can make us happy for ever. After achieving certain targets also u feel happy for quite some time. Again new challenges will be there to tackle.

Finally the conclusion is in this journey of life every station we have to enjoy and take them in positive way.

recently my HR person told one small Quote

If you want to be happy in your life change Ur MINDSET.

I hope its truth.